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Recently, a LinkedIn Learning Workplace report revealed that when we learn together, we learn more and more effectively. It’s one of the tenets of our SIMPLE Group Coaching program. We believe deeply in the cohort model – of the power of community, of collective problem-solving – in amplifying new leader readiness to win.

“Learning” leadership is about so much more than consuming content. Having a safe space to express doubt, ask “dumb” questions, be honest about what went wrong and figure out how to do better next time…this is the stuff of SIMPLE.

Today I’m sharing 3 not-so-dumb questions posed by cohort participants. Totally fair questions, in fact. And I recorded my answers to them in the moment.

Curious what learning together sounds like? Give a listen…

I’ve been “burned” by delegation before and I’m afraid to do it again. How do I move past this?

Following a coaching framework feels forced. How do I turn it into a “real” conversation?

The Purpose Canvas was a game-changer! Want to share with everyone…

Learn more about SIMPLE Group Coaching today. It may be just what your organization is looking for!

And if YOU have a not-so-dumb leadership questions, please send it my way! I’m happy to record a quick video for you with my thoughts 🙂