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Experiences that deliver confidence and drive behavior change

Power Up Leadership Development

Your leaders are working so hard. Their efforts — their good intentions — are on full display.

But something feels off. For all the efforts and intent, you’re not seeing the impact you’d expect.

  • Your employee engagement results are still waning
  • You see change fatigue when you want leaders to step up and lead it well
  • You see opportunity for coaching and feedback where it’s not happening
  • You see burnout and overwhelm when leaders should be prioritizing
  • You see silos between teams when you’d expect leaders to drive collaboration
  • You see “same old” outcomes when you’re hoping for innovation
  • You see finger-pointing where leaders should be driving accountability
  • There is uncertainty where leaders should be communicating

Your leaders are your lynchpin. They connect your people and your results. You need more from them. But you can’t pull blood from a stone.

They’ve “learned” how to do all these things. They’ve been trained — they have tools and frameworks. So why isn’t it happening?
Because true leadership development begins with content — but content is table stakes.

Your leaders need an experience that teaches, but more importantly…
  • Helps them build confidence through practice and problem-solving with a trusted group of peers
  • Invites them to not just listen but fully engage — in small group conversations, in peer coaching, in real-time exercises that challenge their creativity
  • Drives connection and trust within a cohort who will continue to support each other beyond the boundaries of a program
  • Creates accountability for action
  • Invites them to celebrate their small wins — even just trying something new deserves some confetti!
  • Helps busy leaders not find *extra* time for leadership — but find small opportunities to weave leadership into the DNA of their days

Whether you’re looking for a standalone experience or a cohort-based program that runs over time, our interactive designs will move your leaders forward. Unleashing their potential to unleash the results you need.

Reach out today to find what you’re looking for.

Equip Your Leaders

But this investment is not one in content. When it comes to meaningful leadership development, content is table stakes.

Learning tools, information, and insights is important. They’re the foundation. But knowledge alone doesn’t drive change.

To empower your leaders to deliver results and drive the engagement of their teams — they need so much more than knowledge. They need to feel more than just educated. They need experiences that drive…

  • Confidence, through the application (not just learning) of tools and frameworks
  • Accountability, through commitment to action, testing, “failing” and learning
  • Prioritization of “doing” leadership, understanding its connection to results
  • Empowerment, through the identification of obstacles, and strategies to move them
  • Connection, community, and trust with their peers, through highly interactive learning experiences
  • Feeling celebrated and invested in, through encouragement to find small victories
  • Culture of coaching with and for their peers, that lasts well beyond the boundaries of the program

At Lead Above Noise, all our Power Up Leadership Development experiences provide these outcomes.

Our tailored, flexible approach allows you to choose a program that’s:

  • Delivered virtually or in person
  • A standalone workshop (90 mins — ½ day) or a cohort-based leadership development program
  • Already built or bespoke
  • Contextualized for your organization
Popular programs include:
  • From leader to talent activator
  • Leading through ongoing change
  • Keeping burnout at bay
  • Development in the flow of work
  • Communicating to drive engagement

Let’s chat to discuss your leadership development needs.

Equip Your Leaders

We are so incredibly proud of this program — our leader participants have been raving not just about what they learned, but about what they feel truly armed and ready to do. We’re already seeing shifts in behaviors, and we can not wait to run our next cohort!

CHRO | Beverage Distributor

Rachel loves to say that ‘content is table stakes’ and this workshop proved that to be true! She delivers great information, but her magic is in bringing to life through discussion, practice, action and accountability. One of our best investments of the year.

VP Learning and Development | FinTech Organization

Experience an approach that drives behavior change

Equip Your Leaders