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Equip your leaders with a talk that informs, equips and empowers

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Your leaders are your key players. They’re your ambassadors, your doers, your thinkers, your creators — delivering your organization’s experiences and business results. Let’s make sure they’re engaged, energized and fully committed to their doing and thinking and leading!

Our talks are designed to motivate and inspire, where the power of words meets actionable insights meets FUN. We’ll get your leaders energized to innovate, unleash creativity, discover clarity and embrace change.

Light a fuse for your leaders

Spark excitement at an internal employee development day. Kick off a senior leadership offsite with momentum. Build upon a broader leadership program or event. Whatever situation is relevant, founder Rachel Cooke is geared up to deliver an inspiring, action-oriented message tailored to your people.

Rachel typically provides virtual experiences but is also available for in-person speaking engagements. Most keynotes span 45–90 minutes but can be adapted to fit your needs.

Choose from a popular topic below or talk to us about the themes you need your people to embrace.

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Keynote Speaking | Rachel Cooke
Keynote Speaking | Rachel Cooke
Popular topics

Boost EX? Drive engagement? Embrace change? Our favorite talks are below, or we’re happy to craft you something new!

Build Employee Experience with Impact

The employee experience has too often been conflated with foosball tables and free food. But a true employee experience is grounded in enhancing team members’ abilities to develop stellar work, develop new skills and connect to team, community and customer.

Lead Through Change and Uncertainty

Leaders need to be able to navigate through change with confidence, vision and the ability to build a coalition. Even when circumstances are uncertain, leaders must be ready to stand firm and maintain stability within their organizations.

Keep Burnout at Bay

Managing burnout begins with understanding what defines and fuels it. Organizations that invest in employee wellbeing will experience increased engagement, loyalty and overall productivity.

Maintain Purpose, Alignment and Clarity

Engaged talent is focused talent. When team members are clear on what’s expected of them, why it matters and how their daily contributions support meaningful outcomes, great work and ideas emerge.

Unleash a Climate of Safety and Accountability

Leaders mean well. They mean to set high standards and encourage their teams to take initiative, but the intent got lost in translation. The solution is a culture of empowered accountability, where team members understand what’s expected and know how to take responsibility.

Thrive in a Hybrid World

A pandemic forever changed the working world. Teams find ways to connect and succeed in different configurations. With the right insights, organizations can find success through a hybrid model.

Watch Rachel in action in this virtual keynote snippet. Looking for more?

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Months after her talk, our executive leaders are using Rachel’s language and tools in their everyday conversations. That’s how I know real transformation happened.

SVP, HR | Professional Services Firm

Rachel’s insight, her energy and her playfulness with our team made this talk a win with BIG impact!

SVP | Financial Services Organization

Rachel brings a fresh point of view, and some much needed simplicity to challenges we’ve been struggling to find our way through. After just one hour, we have so much more clarity on how to move forward so that we meet employee and customer needs!

Head of Sales Enablement | Media and Entertainment

Rachel was exactly the partner we needed for this event. She took the time to understand our needs and challenges, she infused her talk with examples relevant to us and she engaged with the audience like a pro.

SVP Executive Leadership Development | Financial Services Firm

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