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I hear this from leaders sometimes. Saying they’ll get to “employee experience” eventually. But for now, they’re focused on more pressing talent issues. Like

  • How everyone is burning the candle at both ends, but results are kind of…meh
  • Why innovation feels stagnant, and so few bold or interesting ideas see the light of day
  • Why they’ve lost some top talent in recent months…and anticipate more attrition to come
  • Why people are showing up to meetings…but not seeming to truly connect, to engage with each other
  • Why there seems to be competition versus collaboration…and not much appreciation or collegial support
  • Why the pipeline of future leaders within the organization is looking a little uninspired

And the list goes on and on.

These are, indeed, talent issues. But also business issues. Because when talent isn’t flourishing, neither can the business.

Our framework for an impactful Employee Experience is about solving the “real”  issues – the stuff that engages talent and moves the business forward. In one fell swoop. 

As you consider whatever “pressing” issues are top of mind for you, ask yourself. Do they relate in some way to people’s ability to deliver, develop, connect, or thrive?

Almost always, they do.

And it is time to talk about the Employee Experience.

We’d love to run a Pulse Check for you. Let us engage with your teams. Hear their voices – their pain points, their insights, their suggestions. And let us turn those into a story and a roadmap paved with solutions for you.

Or out this article which details how to run a great Pulse Check.

Don’t be afraid to go easy on yourself. And get in touch. Because this is our super power 🙂