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SIMPLE Group Coaching

The program that equips your new leaders with everything they need (and nothing they don’t!) to hit the ground running with confidence

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Turn your leaders into leverage makers

Listen. We all do it. We hire our top performers into leadership roles…and then wonder why, when they were such outstanding doers, they suddenly seem…a little lost?

But also, we know. Leading is vastly different to doing. It takes a mindset shift, a new set of skills and tools, and a brand of confidence that just don’t come naturally to most of us.

And we find ourselves asking…

  • How do we ready our new leaders without overwhelming them?
  • How do we give them not just knowledge and tools, but confidence and competence in leading?
  • How do we move them beyond knowing to actually doing the stuff of leadership?
  • How do we ensure our leaders feel engaged and invested in?

What new leaders need across industries is universal

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of leaders across industries including Financial and Professional Services, Tech, Pharma, Advertising, Retail and more. And despite differences in the nature of their work, their needs as leaders of people have been consistent.

They wished, universally, they’d been less overwhelmed, more confident, they knew what to focus on, had a place to ask “dumb” questions. They wished they had a place to practice and problem solve. They wished for a community of other new leaders. They wished they’d felt invested in, supported.

So we built SIMPLE. A cohort-based, group coaching program designed to…

  • Deliver clarity by focusing only on the 6 core elements that new leaders need to master
  • Grow confidence by focusing a little on content, but heavy on practice and action
  • Drive accountability (lovingly!) through action challenges whose results we discuss live
  • Enhance efficiency by delivering the “training” pieces in short, on-demand videos so we can use our together time wisely
  • Create supportive community
  • Build a coaching capability that carries beyond
  • Offer a safe space for “dumb” questions
  • Provide real-time expertise through 1-1 coaching

What does the program cover?

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SIMPLE Group Coaching
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What do participants actually experience?

The SIMPLE program is designed to run for about 4-months. It’s a cohort-based experience which means a group of leaders is transformed into a community of leaders. And the key elements of the program are:

  • 6 on-demand “teaching” videos (1 per topic) that leaders can consume inside of 20 minutes on their own time
  • Brief self-assessment of their Social Style to gain self-awareness and inform areas of focus
  • 6 “Action challenges” (homework) that each participant will execute to ensure muscle memory begins to take hold, driving behavior change
  • 6 live facilitated group-coaching sessions during which participants will discuss, role play, share experiences, ask questions, problem-solve, coach and be coached, and more
  • 2 30-minute 1-1 coaching sessions with their facilitator during which more personal challenges may be discussed
  • Editable participant guide for capturing insights, questions, actions, celebrations, and more
  • Unlimited email access to their facilitator to pose questions or share challenges and celebrations as they go
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