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A partner who envisions a better way to work

Work that’s simple, purposeful and impactful

Lead Above Noise was born from a belief that work should simply work better. We enter the workforce, fueled by newness and enthusiasm and hope, and somewhere down the line, we hit a roadblock. Well-meaning leaders unintentionally, but routinely, stifle debate and innovation, and team members grow weary and lost. But complex problems don’t always require complex solutions. Sometimes, the answers are simple. Sometimes, a fuel fill-up is right around the corner.

In 2014, we began creating workplace solutions that were simpler and more purposeful. With you, we work collaboratively, uncovering and synthesizing the solutions already embedded in your organization. Your expertise plus our insights — those are the ingredients to game-changing transformation.

How do we fuel this transformational compound? Through employee experience, leadership development and keynote speaking. With enthusiasm, integrity and candor.

Meet our founder

Rachel Cooke is the founder of Lead Above Noise, a firm specializing in fully Activating your talent – building employee experiences that fuel, rather than follow, the “real work.”

A sought-after educator, facilitator, and speaker Rachel crafts experiences designed to crack your Activation code. Helping leaders unleash potential, lead through never-ending change, keep burnout at bay – all while delivering outstanding results.

Rachel’s gift for blending her external expertise with a company’s interior wisdom, experience and intuition has won her accolades from a diverse slate of clients, including American Express, Wolters Kluwer, Cisco, Splunk, AMC Networks, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Scholastic and many more.

Named by Inc. Magazine as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Rachel’s insights have been featured in such publications as Inc. Magazine, Thrive Global, Bloomberg Quint, Fast Company, Business Insider, HuffPost and more. Rachel is also the host of Macmillan’s Modern Mentor Podcast, a weekly show delivering actionable tips and insights for those striving to define and achieve their version of success.

Rachel holds her master’s degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University and her bachelor’s degree in human development from Cornell University.

Our ethos


If fun is absent, we’re not doing it right.

Yes, we mean business. But humor and connection are essentials in thriving cultures. We don’t do business without them.

Everyone is an expert.

We mean that. On our team and yours, there are voices at every altitude that have something to say. We honor them all.

Thinking small yields winning big.

We believe in the power of increments. Tiny changes are manageable, risk-mitigating and affordable. We implement them to learn what works.

We build a room full of champions.

Focusing on compliance is never a winning proposition. We hone in not just on behavior change but on winning hearts and minds of teams.

Open dialogue is the most underutilized resource.

Corporate communication has its place. But true, open dialogue that unlocks questions, ideas and feedback at every level is a leader’s greatest asset.

The best data is your data.

We are well-read and curious. We know what academia says will work. But really, we want to hear from you and your teams. The best solutions are grounded in your unique reality, so let’s start there.

Experience a better way to work

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