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We crack your Talent Activation code

Discover and implement the right practices to drive high performance AND employee engagement.

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What can Activation do for your talent?

So glad you asked! In this world of overwhelm, overwork, burnout, tighter margins, never-ending change…our talent — and leaders — are feeling it. They need ways of working that are lighter — more effective and efficient. That grow and challenge them. That infuse purpose and a sense of community. And that value their health and wellness. They need an employee experience that enhances their performance.

This is what Activation brings to life. Through identifying not best practices — but the right practices. For your team. Your talent.

Once we’ve cracked the code, your team will be ready to…

  • Do more with less (more productivity and impact)
  • Learn (and apply!) new skills and capabilities
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Raise great ideas and innovate
  • Ask bigger, bolder, better questions
  • Serve the customer/client/patient end-to-end

And they will feel…

  • Invested in, coached, grown
  • Clear on priorities and expectations
  • Equipped and empowered
  • Part of
  • Care for customer
  • Well and whole
  • Recognized
  • Engaged

4 Pillars of Activation


“I am equipped to get my best work done. Expectations are clear. I work without obstruction or inefficiency.”


“I am growing new skills and capabilities. I’m challenged and excited. I receive feedback, coaching and opportunity.”


“I belong here. I feel purpose, part of a team and community. My ideas are welcome to be spoken. All questions are welcome.”


“My well-being matters. I’m recognized and appreciated. I set boundaries, manage my energy and feel respected.”

How we Activate your talent

Power Up: Pulse Check

Your employee engagement survey isn’t enough.
It’s a tool for measurement. It informs how you’re doing, who’s engaged, where your trouble zones are.

But it’s not the way to define an action plan.

A Pulse Check is a means of defining actions. Quick, simple, meaningful to your team. Relying not on “Best” practices — but the right practices. As defined by and for your team. Getting them activated quickly.

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Power Up: Leadership Development

Your leaders are your greatest lever. Most likely, you’re training them. They have access to plenty of content. But content is table stakes.

Our leadership development experiences — workshops and cohort-based programs — move well beyond content.

We get your leaders practicing. Experimenting. Feeling accountable. Identifying — and problem-solving — obstacles. Creating real and sustained change.

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Imagine a new way to delight your talent

Engage your employees

What would it look like if your talent were fully engaged with and fiercely devoted to work?

Develop your leaders

Deliver impact. Inspire action. Unleash creativity. Empower your leaders to unleash the full potential of their teams.

Inspire your people

Give your talent a talk that motivates and transforms. Leave your leaders with fresh ideas and clear action steps.

After months of spinning our wheels, Rachel came in, ran focus groups with our teams and left us with unbelievable clarity on what their key needs are and what actions we should take. We have a plan of action we know will resonate, and a partner for life in Rachel.

SVP | Healthcare Organization

We are so incredibly proud of this program — our leader participants have been raving not just about what they learned, but about what they feel truly armed and ready to do. We’re already seeing shifts in behaviors, and we can not wait to run our next cohort!

CHRO | Beverage Distributor

We reached out to Rachel with a need to build a change leadership capability. That is precisely what was delivered to my team.

CEO North America | Tax and Accounting Business

Months after her talk, our executive leaders are using Rachel’s language and tools in their everyday conversations. That’s how I know real transformation happened.

SVP, HR | Professional Services Firm

Rachel brings a fresh point of view, and some much needed simplicity to challenges we’ve been struggling to find our way through. After just one hour, we have so much more clarity on how to move forward so that we meet employee and customer needs!

Head of Sales Enablement | Media and Entertainment

Rachel was exactly the partner we needed for this event. She took the time to understand our needs and challenges, she infused her talk with examples relevant to us and she engaged with the audience like a pro.

SVP Executive Leadership Development | Financial Services Firm

Rachel loves to say that ‘content is table stakes’ and this workshop proved that to be true! She delivers great information, but her magic is in bringing to life through discussion, practice, action and accountability. One of our best investments of the year.

VP Learning and Development | FinTech Organization

Work that just works

Work should be where your talent feels seen, heard, valued, challenged, inspired. What if everyone in your organization felt that level of satisfaction and triumph? We love to cultivate these kinds of experiences.

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We’re a little different

We’re about growth, collaboration and winning together. We amplify every voice and curate the findings to make informed decisions. Oh, and we have fun along the way! Peek into the six key ideas that stack up our ethos.

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Where we’ve shared a perspective

Settle for better

What would make work “better” for your employees? (Spoiler alert: it’s not ping pong or happy hours.) “Better” gets your employees out of bed and excited about work. It inspires them not just to show up but to fully participate and collaborate. It leaves them feeling heard, cared for, acknowledged.

Impactful employee experiences rely on Four Pillars

The employee experience is often misunderstood, mistaken for the basics, like reasonable compensation and safe workplaces, or the extras, like free food and fancy parties. But it’s neither of these. It’s the stuff that lives in between. The menagerie of moments that allows your teams to deliver, develop, connect and thrive.