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Power an experience that fuels — not follows — the “real” work

Power Up Pulse Check

When your team is working hard. Maybe too hard. But you know results could be better. Employee experience could be stronger.

Your employee engagement survey gives you trends. Themes. Hot spots.

But what you need is clear direction. You need simple, tangible actions you can take now that will start to drive immediate change. Driving performance and engagement.

Teams today are struggling with…

  • Overwhelm and burnout
  • Frustration with inefficiency and bottlenecks
  • Collaboration across silos
  • Lack of learning and development
  • Lack of career progression
  • Unclear goals or priorities
  • Lack of purpose in their work
  • Fear of speaking up — saying or asking the “dumb” thing
So what’s the secret to turning these things around? What makes a Pulse Check the answer?

A Pulse Check is a series of live conversations with members of your team, designed to…

  • Ask the right, probing questions to understand their current experience
  • Give you “right” (not “best”) practices” as identified by your team for your team — to meet them where they are
  • Give you a near-term, sequenced roadmap of changes you can make quickly and simply (for fast results)
  • Provide you with key messages you can play back to your team, validating that you’ve heard them, and demonstrating your commitment to action
  • Leave them feeling heard, valued, appreciated, and connected
How it works
  1. We understand your questions, concerns, needs, observations, and hypotheses around your team.
  2. We plan and conduct a series of (typically 3–5) conversations with members of your team — listening, probing, clarifying, capturing, and thanking them!
  3. We capture themes, recommended actions, and communication points and deliver them to you within 2 weeks.

We make you the insightful, empathetic, action-oriented hero of the story! You’ll know what to say, what to do, and how to sustain momentum over time.

Check out this case study to learn how one client Activated their organization.

Get a Pulse Check

After months of spinning our wheels, Rachel came in, ran focus groups with our teams and left us with unbelievable clarity on what their key needs are and what actions we should take. We have a plan of action we know will resonate, and a partner for life in Rachel.

SVP | Healthcare Organization

We reached out to Rachel with a need to build a change leadership capability. That is precisely what was delivered to my team.

CEO North America | Tax and Accounting Business

Tune into the heartbeat of your team

Get a Pulse Check