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Amidst all we’ve lost or can’t anticipate…there is certainty to be found

Some days I feel like I’m floating between two islands. On the first is all that was but is no longer. On the second is all that will be that I can’t yet see.

I’m treading water. And I’m so, so tired.

We’re all experiencing some combination of mourning and fretting and wondering and anticipating.

But the truth is that amidst all the chaos and the unknowns, there is certainty to be discovered. And it’s empowering as all get out.

For all we don’t know yet, there is so much we do know. And that beautiful collection of the known is the summation of what we’ve learned and realized and discovered to be true since this pandemic began. About ourselves and our work.

This knowing comes from reflecting. I’ve done some reflecting and I’m proud of what I’ve discovered to be true about me. It is so worth the investment of your time. If you’re needing some fuel or inspiration, I think you’ll find it here. So here are some questions to spark a discussion – with yourself or with your team.

  • Where have I done something in a new way because the old way is not an option?
  • Where have I fallen down…and realized the world didn’t end so I got back up?
  • What have I let go of because I had no choice…and realized it was just a crutch [hello management-by-facetime in the office]?
  • What has just begun to show itself in this movement toward the new normal…that I am so excited to continue to build upon?
  • Where have I realized certainty to be overrated?
  • What is making me feel liberated? Successful? Ready to push out of my comfort zone?

I’m sharing some of my personal reflections below. And I invite you to share yours in return, What have you discovered to be true about you? What are you most proud of? Hit me with your brags – humble or otherwise (humility definitely not required!)

  1. I may have overinvested in pants 😉
  2. Leaders aren’t looking to me for answers. Because there aren’t any. They are looking to me to facilitate, support, and coach them into discovering the answers themselves.
  3. Community is a vital resource. I’m so lucky to be part of many. Including my community of readers. Thank you.
  4. Virtual learning is a solid Plan A! We’ve revamped how we’re delivering. And we’re super excited about it.
  5. Work and family are not mutually exclusive priorities. Patience, grace, and a few tweaks to routines can make having “it all” a more reasonable ambition.
  6. I’m not an eternal optimist. I feel the heavy sometimes. But it turns out when I breathe deeply I can do hard things!
  7. Staying on purpose makes everything feel easier. Letting go of the rest is empowerment in its purest form.
  8. I had to quickly adapt a 90-minute keynote speech into a 20-minute TED-style audio presentation. And it’s killer. I can’t wait to deliver it next month.
  9. I’m changing the tires on a moving bus with my clients. And my daughters are literally watching me sweat. And they’re cheering me on. And that fuels every day.
  10. I am not afraid of what’s next. I’m grateful for what’s here and ready to follow this crazy winding path with confidence in myself.