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How the tools and framework for #EmployeeExperience can show you the way.

You know how this moment feels weird and fraught and dystopian…but also the littlest bit settled?

Some days it feels like I’m trying to run full-speed while standing still. Which is not a good look.

I’m observing something similar in leaders as well. They see the need to move. But the uncertainty of how leaves them frozen.

As far as what your path forward should look like, I can’t tell you. What I can tell you – with much confidence – is how to go about developing it: and that’s iteratively, collaboratively (with your teams), humbly, and one step at a time.

As clients have been reaching out with this very quandary, we’ve been using our Employee Experience methodology to help them build their roadmaps.

And here’s why. Because your teams can inform the answers to some essential questions like:

  • What pain points and opportunities are our customers raising?
  • What current projects are serving our customers, and are there any we should add?
  • How effectively do our current processes lend themselves to remote work?
  • Are we being wise in how we run our meetings?
  • What within our organization might be creating inefficiency?
  • Where are silos limiting what or how we deliver?
  • What information could help our teams make better decisions for our customers?

In other words, your plan forward should be defined by whatever your teams need so that they can deliver what your customers need.

There are two key resources we use in facilitating plan-building conversations:

  1. The Four Quads Framework that we believe comprises the most powerful Employee Experience
  2. The process by which we turn dialog into insight into action.

You can find both below:

The Four Quads Framework

This informs where you hunt for insights, ideas, and actions


“I am equipped to get my best work done. Expectations are clear. I work without obstruction or inefficiency.”


“I am growing new skills and capabilities. I’m challenged and excited. I receive feedback, coaching and opportunity.”


“I belong here. I feel purpose, part of a team and community. My ideas are welcome to be spoken. All questions are welcome.”


“My well-being matters. I’m recognized and appreciated. I set boundaries, manage my energy and feel respected.”

The Process