Making Work Work Better

Making Work Work Better

At Lead Above Noise, our expertise is in moving teams to Activation: the state in which individuals are empowered and equipped to contribute meaningfully to real results. Which leads, of course, to better results.

We don’t put out fires. We help leaders light them.

Getting more done with less, building a sense of engaged community… this is what work should feel like. But where do you begin?

That’s where we come in. We deliver workshops that provide leaders with the insights and tools to make change happen, OR we partner and consult directly with your teams, to discover and implement the “microchanges” that will make YOUR work work better.

Our expertise in designing organizations, educating leaders, and engaging teams position us to be just the partner you need.

Wonder what we stand for? Here are some highlights from our blog…

Why Leaders Need to Check Their Frequency

3 common situations…why it matters and what to do about it… I had lunch recently with a colleague who used this delightful turn of phrase: we all need to “check the frequency we’re resonating at.” And that resonated powerfully at my frequency. Since then I’ve been...

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Unsexy. It’s the New Black.

Working with leaders that shoot for the moon is inspiring, and frankly just fun. I have all the time in the world to talk about building capabilities for innovation, risk-taking, learning from failure – all the sexy biggies. And yet nine times out of 10 (a highly...

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Be Your Own Wizard.

Allow me to (very gently!) beat a dead horse. As my long-time readers well know, it’s my assertion that – for too many of us - work simply isn’t working. We come – fueled by enthusiasm and ideas – into the workplace, ready to deliver some [bleep]-kickin’ results… and...

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Opportunity Cost. Is It What’s Crushing Our Potential?

As a person who took “Econ for Psych Majors” in college (with all due respect to my econ-minded psych-majoring compatriots), even I can say the concept of “opportunity cost” was intuitive to me from the get go. As an example, my husband and I are going to see Seinfeld...

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