At Lead Above Noise, we design and facilitate interactive experiences that inform, equip, and empower leaders to #Activate potential and deliver performance.

Our focus is not on traditional “trainings” as training implies we have the answers.

We believe your leaders and teams have the solutions, ideas, and strategies to move your organization forward.

Sure, we bring in tools and frameworks to move you toward action – but our core expertise is in helping you leverage the full power and potential of the talent you’ve hired.

What is Activation?

For nearly 20 years, Employee Engagement has been the gold standard for how we’re doing at work. Engagement goes the logic, is commitment, and commitment yields results.

Our experience tells us, however, that this logic is problematic for 2 primary reasons:

(1) Engagement continues to hover at 25 – 30% which says whatever we’re doing to impact it simply isn’t working

(2)Engagement represents commitment which only tells us how much our teams want to deliver on our goals. But the real question should be – how able are they to deliver on our goals?

Activation is the answer to that second question. It is simply the state in which all members of our teams are able – unobstructed, informed, connected, empowered – to do the work they do best, delivering the results that delight our customers.

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