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To retain, engage, and develop our talent…

…there’s so much we can do from the ground up.

But oh-so-much more we can do when our executive leaders are bought in; invested (emotionally and financially) – when they fully grasp that powerful employee experiences fuel– don’t follow – the “real work.”

Given the whole this-is-what-I-do-for-a-living thing, people often ask me what it takes to truly shift an executive mindset.

And when they do, I pull some intel from the Executive Keynote I deliver on this very topic.

First, I share the pillars of the brand of EX that I preach. And they are…

Next up, I share some key data. Like…

  • “The ability to do what I do best” is a thing most people care about deeply when considering their jobs. Moreso than compensation. And companies presumably want people to do what they do best. Because…results. So, let’s equip and empower them to deliver the goods! (1)
  • 94% of employees said they would stay with their employer if it invested in their development. (2) And companies presumably want smart, skilled, ambitious people doing the work. So let’s invest in meaningful development!
  • Talent that feels a sense of belonging drives 56% increase in job performance and a 167% increase in employer NPS (3) – so driving a sense of connection creates good will and good customer outcomes!
  • When talent experiences wellbeing, productivity increases by at least 10%. (4) And then of course there are  the costs saved in sick days, healthcare, etc. So ensuring our teams are able to be well, to thrive, pays off in cost mitigation and business outcomes.

Now at this point, readers, executives are generally listening. And listening well.

And their next question, inevitably, is – so, how what do we do?

Luckily, I’ve got answers there too  🙂

I believe in a co-creative approach between leaders and individuals. I believe in the power of dialogue over surveys to unleash and unlock the precise steps to be taken. In fact, you can read all about my approach in detail in an article I published with ATD (Association for Talent Development) magazine.