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Just because the problem’s complex, doesn’t mean the solution need be. I challenge clients weekly with this little nugget.

Here are some fun facts I’ve collected about the hairy, messy, sleep-stealing challenges we face on the regular:

  • Your team has a collective insight worth its weight in gold
  • The outside expert you need is not the one promising the answers, but the one able to extract the answers from your team through expert facilitation
  • Big problems are often solved in small, digestible increments
  • The magic is in the asking of the right questions – the expansive, imagination-triggering ones

So if you’re staring down some heavy challenge, question, or opportunity, then I humbly invite you to download this free resource: A Leader’s Guide to What If We…

We’ve borrowed the “What if we…” approach from the world of Design Thinking. It’s a framing that lends itself to imagining; to expansive thinking; to possibility, and to prototyping solutions. It’s the antidote to “we can’t” or “we already tried.”

We’ve been designing and facilitating experiences enabling leadership teams to collectively, creatively, and impactfully answer:

  • How can we strip out some of the pain points in our client experience?
  • How can we reduce the turnaround time on this process from two weeks to three days?
  • Why are we struggling to achieve our goals on time and budget, and how can we do so more effectively?
  • How can we reduce burnout on our team?

We’ve customized and facilitated the “What if we…” experience with teams on all these challenges and more. And we invite you to borrow our design and put it to use.

Take it, tweak, it, run it, and see what your team is able to tackle.

What if YOU…took me up on the offer? Imagine what you and your team could reinvent together.

Download it here and test drive it today. Let us know what you reimagine!