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And a free simple tool you’ll want to grab!

In service of giving you a great reader experience, I’ll decline to deliver another rant on the employee experience (EX) and why it matters so deeply. But for posterity, you can find my musings here.

I’ll assume we all understand EX is critical to human performance and team success. But how’s yours coming along…virtually?

More and more American companies are extending their return-to-work timelines well into next year…and still others are issuing permanent work-from-home guidelines.

So if we believe collectively that EX is driven by your team’s ability (individually and cumulatively) to Deliver, Develop, Connect, and Thrive…then what can you as a leader be doing to create that experience for and with them in a virtual environment?

I’d like to introduce you to our EX in 9 in Canvas. It’s a simple tool we’ve developed – and have been using to facilitate group coaching cohorts – with clients asking that very same question.

Download the Canvas to find a completed sample illustrating what a set of ideas could look like. Note its focus is on defining actionable tactics and behaviors. These are what drive change and deliver impact.

The one “best” or “right” EX is frankly a unicorn. There’s no such thing. The best EX for your team…is the one defined by and with your team! And this Canvas is designed to empower you to facilitate precisely the conversation that will get you building. Collaboratively.

In this moment, you may choose to focus on the basics. Ask driving questions, and challenge them to suggest tactical moves you can make.

In Delivering – do they have all the tools and resources they need virtually to get their best work done? Is there something new worth trying that might drive efficiency or effectiveness?

In Developing – are they finding time and space to continue learning and challenging themselves? If internal development programming has been put on hold, are they reading? Taking online courses? What could further push them here?

In Connecting – this one is big right now. Beyond the large-group Zooms (which may have run their course), are they finding ways to connect informally and in smaller groups? Are they managing to grow their networks? Are they feeling connected with you?

In Thriving – are they OK? Truly? Do they have access to support resources? Do they have the flexibility they need to juggle all the pandemic is requiring of them? Are they managing their boundaries effectively?

Recognize the moment we’re in, and encourage them to ask for what they most need right now. And focus on what you’re able to deliver in whatever your organizational circumstance may currently be.

Have questions? Need advice? Proud of your canvas and want to share it? Please be in touch anytime!