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Well, the earth made it ‘round once again, and the fresh start is ours for the taking.

So how will you be tackling 2023? Me — I’m going for simple.

These past few years have infused such complexity into our work system. Remote, hybrid, in-office? Are we greatly resigning or recessioning? Pandemics, social justice…and all the recappy things.

These complicators are the very noise I strive to help clients lead above.

Truly that need — that voracious hunger we’re all feeling — for simplicity lies at the heart of our SIMPLE group coaching program. And whether you’re a people leader, you serve or support people leaders, or you just want to infuse a dose of simplicity into leading yourself – today’s deep dive is for you.

So here’s how we help leaders — but also, today, hopefully you — do SIMPLE.

We begin with Self Awareness. The program includes a self-assessment, but if you don’t have one handy, just a bit of reflection will do. Like…what’s your default style — are you quick to execution, or do you lean into research and analysis? Are you hotly decisive or more of a perspective collector? 

Think about how you operate “on the regular,” but also under pressure. (Me — I’m pretty inclusive generally, but I get obnoxiously directive when I’m feeling stress!) And then find small spots where you might tweak your style — just in itty bitty ways — to better serve a team member or a moment.

Next up is Impact. We use a tool called the Purpose Canvas to help leaders articulate a clear purpose (not existential — just practical) for the team.  Something that states what you do, for whom, and why. 

Then we talk about how to use this canvas to inform everyone’s priorities, ensuring each person sees a clear and direct line from their daily tasks to a bigger meaning. This is how we experience — and deliver — greater impact.

How well do your team members use something shared and grounding to help them prioritize what they take on, and experience its importance?

Next up is Message. Because don’t we all strive to be stronger communicators?

How well are you crafting your key messages – focusing on clarity, on resonance, and on WTF are they supposed to do with this info?

How effectively are you delivering clear and actionable feedback? Are you leaning into empathy as well as clarity of direction on what they need to improve and how? Great feedback = kindness + relevance + instruction. How can you amplify the clarity and utility of your next piece of feedback?

OK, how about Psychological safety. Which may sound like therapy but really is about how to create safe open spaces in which dialog and debate and “dumb” questions and ideas can all live freely. How do you ask liberating questions, listen without judgment, prod without defense?

Did I mention Google’s research shows this is the number one driver of high-performing teams?

Time for Leverage. Which we create through developmental delegation (emphasis on the developmental!) Because delegation should never be a drop-and-run, a spray-and-pray. It should a thoughtful process of matching task to person based not just on who can do, but who would benefit from doing and how. 

And then providing clear expectations, guidance, and support along the way.

This is how true skill development happens and this, friends, is how leaders create leverage! Are you fully utilizing the potential of your team?

And in the home stretch is Expand. Because what’s a leadership program without a bit on coaching? But simply. Like how do you help a team member identify what they’re trying to solve or achieve, how do you tap into their own intuition and wisdom, and how can you help guide them toward a clear next step?

Friends, I am so proud of this program and the skill and confidence it’s now helped dozens of leaders achieve.

If joining a program isn’t in your near-future, then I hope just a concept or two in today’s newsletter resonated with you. Wondering how you might implement something you read here? Shoot me your question. I’d love to coach you through to a result.