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Take what you can afford. Even just a breath.

There are traditional moments of renewal. Clean slates. Fresh starts.

The beginning of the calendar year.
The beginning of the school year.
The beginning of spring.

It’s early November as I write this. The calendar would not call this a moment of renewal. Yet today I’m declaring it one. For me. For my family. For you and your family. For your team.

I’m tempted to say I’m breaking precedent. But really. Hasn’t precedent left us behind?

This year has been unlike any other. I look at what we’ve carried. And I’m awed. The fear, the sadness, the incredible uncertainty.

We’re looking at the finish line for 2020. But several weeks remain ahead of us. We all deserve to finish on a high note. For many – at least for me – a successful wrap will require an infusion of a deep breath. A refueling of the tank.

So today, I invite you to look back at a post I wrote in March of this year – when things were looking scary, but we still had no idea what was coming.

It’s called Make Connecting Your Top Priority, and it may be more critical now than when I wrote it. It offers tangible advice on the why and how of connecting meaningfully. And I hope it inspires you to do one small act of connection.

For today, that’s it. That’s the newsletter. More to come in two weeks. But for now, be well, care for you, care for others, and get ready for a strong-as-all-get-out finish!