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When life throws you a pandemic of lemons…

Confession: I sobbed uncontrollably while watching Saturday Night Live’s virtual premier. Something about Tom Hanks hosting in front of his oven just broke me. I was homeschooling my kids, cleaning my groceries, and isolating from the world. But this was the moment that felt like the end.

And yet. The Zoom skit. It was just what I needed.

That episode opened my eyes to something. As we continue to defend ourselves against the seemingly-eternal lemon-pelting, we’re not just making lemonade. We’re concocting whole new categories of refreshment.

Making the most of our circumstances feels like childs’ play. We’re reinventers. We’re creating things and ways and combinations that didn’t exist before. But they’ll be sure to prevail after. Because we’ve been forced to become better than ever.

Take a pause. Look around. What’s changed for the better?

Personally, I spent the second half of March looking largely like this.

Until February of this year, I ran a business that had me standing on stages or in fronts of rooms facilitating interactive experiences with leadership teams.

And overnight, stages and rooms became the stuff of dreams. I basically froze.

By April I was crafting my Plan B. I started experimenting with micro-learning modules supported by small group coaching cohorts – all managed virtually, of course – as a backup plan. But as it turns out, I’m discovering this mode of facilitation has unearthed a new level of impact and accountability for my clients.

What began as an emergency Plan B will now stand forever on my menu of offerings. Because it works – in some ways better than Plan A.

This is an accidental innovation I’m celebrating deeply.

And so I ask you, leaders. What is one thing you or your team has unleashed that was intended to be a backup plan but now holds a rightful place on the winners’ platform? I want to hear about it. I want to celebrate it with you. Will you share your victories with me?

Taking note. Celebrating. Acknowledging ingenuity. These are tremendous levers that are yours to pull in service of maintaining team engagement and connection. So what’s your #1 win?