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Is mine the only family recently addicted to HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters? I mean, families of four + two dogs living in 200 square feet? Crazy! But a little bit amazing…?

I would never survive in a tiny house: full stop. But… there is something so compelling to me about the idea. I look around my (relatively palatial) domicile, and I see just so many things: books and toys we’ve outgrown, shoes for every possible sporting and social event, uniquely sized and styled glasses for every type of adult beverage (OK – that last one may be the only true essential – but you see my point.)

Life in a tiny house forces you to be absolutely laser-focused on what you keep and why.

Efficiency isn’t a value – it’s a mandate; unless you want to sleep on the roof.

This is the mindset we need to bring to business leadership. Too often we think of time and energy as equivalent to 5000 square feet of living space. Sure – it’s good to be efficient… but if we’re not, there is plenty of room for excess.

What if we thought of our days, our schedules and our supplies of energy, as our own personal “tiny houses” and we had to ask ourselves at every turn – is this [activity, meeting, brainstorm, email, etc.] absolutely essential? Is it mission-critical, or am I just letting inertia drive? This what leading above the noise is about – cutting out the distractions that sap our energy but don’t move us toward our goals.

Think of how many things we might stop doing, demanding of our teams, if we really forced ourselves to live in 200 square feet worth of mental energy?

What’s the one thing you’d stop right now?

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