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And yet again, we blink and Q4 is upon us. 🙈

So, how’s your 2023 been? Hopefully stellar. But if so, you’re in a minority. At least in my little corner of the world.

For many orgs, this year’s been a tricky one. And as the turning leaves serve to remind us – we’re in the homestretch, friend. So whatcha got up your sleeve?

I don’t mean tricks or gimmicks. I mean ways of truly activating your team – of igniting their collective will and skill to deliver meaningful results for your business.

Because as complexity and uncertainty remain spitefully present, and playbooks equally passe, the truth is there is no sage nor singular answer. The path to success is paved with tiny insights, ideas, and responses to frontline realities. Which means the thing you should have up your sleeve? It’s a way of tappinginto the collective genius of your team.

What is one thing you wish you better understood? Could problem-solve? Or streamline?  Or optimize?

Like maybe…

  • Your NPS scores have been falling. And you wish you had insight into how to have better quality customer conversations to reverse the trend?
  • You’ve implemented a reorg, and now your processes feel clunky and you’re seeing employee engagement plummet…and you wish you had insight into how to repair and reinvent?
  • You’ve recently brought in some new leaders – each of whom is strong – but their teams seem to be working in silos rather than collaborating…and you wish you knew where the points of conflict or disconnect were and how to resolve them.

These are all scenarios we were presented this year. What do they have in common?

  • The stakes were high
  • The insights were already there waiting to be tapped
  • Just a few early, simple actions began moving the organization meaningfully down a better path.

This is how our Pulse Checks activate your teams.

We’re not hunting for a silver bullet. We’re seeking insight, simplicity, and momentum.

Once your employees feel invited to participate, once they see their ideas heard and translated into action, they’ve been activated. And you’re on a path to success.

The take away here? Run a Pulse Check of your own. Bring a few voices together. Create a safe space. Ask open questions. Listen for insights. Extract action. Try something. Communicate.

Or invite us in. But either way – don’t let 2023 end without taking the opportunity to really learn – and implement – something new from your team.