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I’ve always loved magic. Quarters and cards, rabbits and hats charmed me endlessly. So when I got a “How to do Magic” book on my 7th birthday, I dove all in!

But my enthusiasm quickly faded to frustration as I realized that clear instruction was not translating to magical performance. The tricks just weren’t working for me!

But I had an awesome uncle with a few tricks up his own sleeve. He took me under his wing and we began practicing together. He taught me the value of trial and error; of starting with the fundamentals; of practicing without an audience; of building confidence; and of learning the “right” way but finding my own. He taught me that instruction is an important foundation — but it’s not the thing that enables you to make magic.

Which brings me to new leader development. Because often when we have a swath of newly hired or promoted leaders, we take a similar approach. We run them through a content-heavy program and we assume the instruction will enable them to make magic.

And when it doesn’t, we point to the program. Clearly, we say, it’s just not working.

But leadership development done right can deliver magic. And like learning actual magic, learning to be a leader relies only a little bit on content — information, instruction, direction.

What truly unleashes a new leader’s magic is practice; a safe space to play, test, fail, learn, and try again. It’s about building confidence; having a community to coach and challenge you; to problem-solve with you; to support and celebrate you.

Our SIMPLE New Leader Group Coaching program is designed to do precisely this: to focus on the fundamentals and lean heavily into practice, action, community, and celebration. If you’d like to learn more about bringing SIMPLE into your organization, OR you just have a curiosity, this link takes you straight to my calendar. Let’s chat.

And if you have a group of new leaders in your care, then perhaps you’d like to build a program on your own! If so, here’s a little food for thought around where to focus.

You’ve got a swath of new leaders. They’re ambitious, energized and raring to go! You need them to hit the ground running.

So how do you prepare them? It’s not about content. Well…OK — it’s a little bit about content. But mostly what they need is confidence. And practice and the space to test and fail and learn. And peer support and community; a place to problem-solve, to role-play. And they really need a space to celebrate their wins…which are the foundation for momentum.

They need SIMPLE coaching.

Our goal isn’t to teach everything but to really home in on the SIMPLE levers that new leaders can pull to amplify their impact!

And there you have it. Are there other things they may need or want to learn? Sure. But get them clear, confident, and accountable for these fundamentals and you’ll unleash absolute magic.

Have a question? Seriously don’t be shy! Use this link to hop on my calendar.