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Let us help you find renewal with your team. With a free tool.

If you’re reading this, presumably you made it through 2020. [Insert awkwardly lengthy round of applause.]

For many of us, survival was the name of the game in 2020. But it’s a new year. And we all deserve a reset – an opportunity to reflect, refuel, and recommit to something meaningful. Survival will be table stakes.

In November, I began speaking with leaders who were wondering how they would kick 2021 off with a sense of purpose and urgency. How, they wondered, would they bring their teams beyond surviving and back to thriving?

Through our reflections on these conversations, we designed a Team Renewal session. We’ll be facilitating this interactive, two-hour conversation with a variety of organizations this quarter in service of getting teams celebrating, defining purpose, clarifying priorities, and committing to actions and behaviors designed to keep them on track.

We’ve also developed a free leaders’ guide designed to empower you to facilitate a similar conversation with your own team. You can find your free Team Renewal Discussion Guide right here.

If you’d be interested in having a fully facilitated version of this conversation with your team, of course it would be our great pleasure to do so. A super quick email to us will make that happen.

But if DIY is your thing, then absolutely take our guide and make this discussion your own win! It provides a structure, flow, set of questions, and suggested facilitation practices.

If you have questions, hit us up with them. If you have wins, definitely hit us up with them! We would love nothing more than to celebrate you.

And listen. Whether you invite us to deliver this, use our guide, or take some other approach altogether. Please. Do not underestimate what you and your team have been through – and in turn, the so very real need for a moment of renewal.

Wishing you health, safety, and utter joy this year.