Speed to market, agility, innovation, risk mitigation… what do all of these have in common? (1) They are essential to successful business results today, and (2) they only truly thrive in organizations in which people at every level of the organization have a voice.

Enter #SuperCandor. What is it? Quite simply, it’s the gritty, uncensored truths – coming from all levels of the organization – about what’s working well, where something is fishy or inefficient, and what new ideas may be out there. (We’ve got a short-read here on the topic if you’d like to learn more)

Some talk about the importance of Psychological Safety, or “a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” #SuperCandor takes it one step further. A willingness to speak up, poke holes and try new things needs to be more than permitted. #SuperCandor creates an imperative.


Key Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of how to build a case for #SuperCandor, highlighting it as a critical success factor in anyone’s role
  • A simple process to follow that will bring their teams quickly along the journey to #SuperCandor
  • Practice – and a supporting guide – for role modeling and positively reinforcing the behavior of #SuperCandor
  • A series of strategies they can use to leverage its power, turning #SuperCandor into ideas and change


This workshop is designed to be delivered live in either a half or full-day, interactive format.

The ideal set of participants is either (a) a group of leaders seeking to work collaboratively with peers to develop skills and practice using and role-playing #SuperCandor, or (b) an intact team (a leader and his/her direct reports) seeking to assess the current state, define their key opportunities, and create a plan for change which evolves the team into a culture of #SuperCandor

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