Team Catalyzer…

is how we bring about change that activates your team.

Our aim is not to strive for the big, hairy, disruptive changes, but rather for the simple “micro-actions” that leaders can execute – to deliver big impact.

We help catalyze your teams in two ways: (1) a one-day workshop, and (2) a full program. See more on both below.

Team Catalyzer Workshop

In this one-day facilitated workshop, we provide leaders with the insights, tools, and strategies they can leverage to then engage with their teams to identify – and ultimately implement – the actions that will deliver the greatest impact.

This workshop is ideal for a team of leaders ready and willing to roll up their sleeves – but they just need some know-how and practice before they begin.

Learn more by downloading our Team Catalyzer Workshop brochure

Team Catalyzer Program

Our Team Catalyzer Program provides not only the tools and insights – but we actually run a full program for you. You don’t have to roll up your sleeves, because we’ll roll up ours. We’ll help you define your “North Star,” we’ll discover the insights that will move you forward, and finally we’ll facilitate the planning session that will move your team to activation.

We do this in three phases. Learn more by downloading our Team Catalyzer Program brochure.