Making Work Work Better

Making Work Work Better

At Lead Above Noise, our expertise is in moving teams to Activation: the state in which individuals are empowered and equipped to contribute meaningfully to real results. Which leads, of course, to better results.

We don’t put out fires. We help leaders light them.

Getting more done with less, building a sense of engaged community… this is what work should feel like. But where do you begin?

That’s where we come in. We deliver workshops that provide leaders with the insights and tools to make change happen, OR we partner and consult directly with your teams, to discover and implement the “microchanges” that will make YOUR work work better.

Our expertise in designing organizations, educating leaders, and engaging teams position us to be just the partner you need.

Wonder what we stand for? Here are some highlights from our blog…

The investment you can’t afford not to make

Ah spring break. It’s a beautiful thing. Last week my family took a much-needed vacation with some sunshine and waves. One of the many activities in which we indulged was a three-mile kayaking adventure. I rode in a tandem kayak with my 10-year-old daughter. She has...

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Hey. Can we talk about burnout?

I challenge you to go run a mile. Now I challenge you to run a mile…without shoes. Now I challenge you to run a mile…without legs. You see what I did there? I set a challenge. Then I made it harder. Then I made it pretty darn near impossible… but I’ve framed it such...

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Tiny House Thinking… Why Your Business Needs It

  Is mine the only family recently addicted to HGTV's Tiny House Hunters? I mean, families of four + two dogs living in 200 square feet? Crazy! But a little bit amazing...? I would never survive in a tiny house: full stop. But... there is something so compelling...

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Fighting the Delegation Resistance

Fighting the Delegation Resistance! Delegation. Terrible idea. I mean – I can do it faster, better myself. Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought this. Come on – no one’s looking. You know who you are – put it up. OK – we all buy the importance of delegation… in...

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