How we deliver

All of our programs are grounded in #Activating talent. We focus on identifying and implementing small, meaningful, near-term changes that will deliver immediate impact.

We don’t believe in multi-year journeys and roadmaps built in ivory towers. Your top talent won’t wait around for culture change. They want to do what they do best now.

We work with our clients to understand their needs, questions, and opportunities. And we tailor our programs accordingly.

We leverage both our proprietary content when relevant, and we also offer the option to customize to your needs.


Our programs can be tailored to engage the following audiences:

  • Intact teams (i.e., a leader and her/his team)
  • Groups of team leaders within an organization
  • Executive leadership (typically at an off-site meeting)


Our programs are typically delivered in the following formats

  • Live half or full day workshops
  • Virtual sessions (broken up according to client needs)
  • 60 – 75 minute keynote
  • Accountability coaching (additional support to bolster any program)

Our Signature Programs

The Activation Experience

This program, grounded in the Five Pillars of Activation, provides leaders with the toolkit, practice, and accountability they need to maximize the contributions of every member of their teams. Leaders learn why and how to create the conditions of high-performing teams.

Balance as a Business Capability

Overwork, overwhelm, and mantras of “do more with less” plague teams today across industries. And yet we know that 20% of the work yields 80% of the results. In this program, leaders learn why balance is a must-have and not a luxury, and are grounded in the five-step framework that empowers them to reduce the noise, bringing sanity, alignment, and that critical 20% to the forefront.

Activate an Impactful Employee Experience

Research tells us the #1 driver of an employee’s experience is the relationship with one’s direct leader. So why are so many organizations touting free food and impending culture change due to land in three years? Leaders at every level have the power to meaningfully impact the employee experience. Now. In this program, leaders will gain the insight, the inspiration, and the simple strategies they can implement to craft an experience designed to retain and develop their most valued talent.

Redefine and Unleash Innovation

This program coaches leaders into developing the mindset that innovation (with a lowercase “i”) is more powerful than big breakthroughs… and that it’s everyone’s job. Leaders learn how to make the case with their teams for incremental innovation, and the tools to unearth and harness the strongest ideas both big and small.

Unleash the Power of SuperCandor

Speed to market, agility, innovation, and risk mitigation are essential to success. Yet they thrive only in organizations in which talent at every level has a voice. Because often the most powerful ideas and insights live at the bottom of an organization chart. The key to unlocking and harnessing this wisdom is SuperCandor. This program provides leaders with the simple five-step process that will bring the critical ideas to the surface.