Change, as they say, is the new normal. It’s the fuel that powers agility, innovation, and evolution. And yet change is something we tend to fear. It requires major analysis (often causing paralysis), it disrupts, and leaves waves of uncertainty in its path.

At Lead Above Noise, we take a wholly different approach to change. We’re believers in and proponents of the #microchange, or the smallest possible increment of change we can implement – experiment with – that will accumulate over time (along with other #microchanges) to create meaningful, lasting impact while minimizing pain and disruption.


Following this workshop, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of what distinguishes a #microchange plan from a traditional one – and when to leverage which
  • A simple framework that will enable the development of a thoughtful plan, or series of experiments, that will cumulatively deliver impact over time
  • A tool for collecting, assessing, prioritizing, and implementing the ideas provided by their teams


This workshop is designed to be delivered live in either a half or full-day, interactive format.

The ideal set of participants is either (a) a group of leaders seeking to work collaboratively with peers to learn and practice the art of #microchange, or (b) an intact team (a leader and his/her direct reports) seeking to define their own plan for #microchange.

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