Grind, hustle, do more with less – these are tenets, values that too many leaders hold dear. We believe they will drive our business forward, generate results. We believe “balance” is a luxury for the soft, the ones missing the fire in the belly.

We are mistaken.

Having balance (as we define it in this workshop) means our team is clear, focused, aligned, and has the time and space to actually do the work that delivers the results. Imagine that. This workshop provides a clear and simple path to balance.


Following this workshop, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of the real imperative for balance  – how it actually enables stronger results (and is not a buzzword demanding empty lip service)
  • A simple process to follow that will focus the right members of their team to focus on the right work, in a collaborative manner that keeps them all steering in the same direction
  • Practice – and a supporting guide – for identifying the key levers leaders will need to pull
  • Accountability – a commitment to making some changes following the workshop


This workshop is designed to be delivered live in either a half or full-day, interactive format.

This workshop is ideal for groups of 8 – 20 leaders of teams within a single organization; Leaders who…

  • See their teams working incredibly hard, but yielding results that seem like not enough
  • Are struggling to focus on leadership because they feel so “in the weeds” with their teams
  • Are strugging with retaining key talent
  • Feel like too many balls are in the air, and team focus seems absent

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