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Why Leaders Need to Check Their Frequency

3 common situations…why it matters and what to do about it… I had lunch recently with a colleague who used this delightful turn of phrase: we all need to “check the frequency we’re resonating at.” And that resonated powerfully at my frequency. Since then I’ve been reflecting on the phrase, and how much truth sits within it. If people (the right people) aren’t picking up what you’re putting down, then it’s simply not the right stuff. And I see this play out so frequently in the work I do. Time and again, in working with a client, we encounter some sort...

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Unsexy. It’s the New Black.

Working with leaders that shoot for the moon is inspiring, and frankly just fun. I have all the time in the world to talk about building capabilities for innovation, risk-taking, learning from failure – all the sexy biggies. And yet nine times out of 10 (a highly un-validated estimate) when I sit down with the teams reporting to these moon-shooters, I come to learn (now unsurprisingly) that much of what keeps teams from shooting moons isn’t at all about an inability to shoot a moon. Typically, it’s about a breakdown in the foundation. For anyone who still speaks Maslow,...

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Be Your Own Wizard.

Allow me to (very gently!) beat a dead horse. As my long-time readers well know, it’s my assertion that – for too many of us – work simply isn’t working. We come – fueled by enthusiasm and ideas – into the workplace, ready to deliver some [bleep]-kickin’ results… and then the inevitable smashes us (less gently!) in the face. Well-intentioned leaders allow inefficiency and politics to prevail, debate and innovation to be stifled, bottlenecks to obstruct, and burnout to take hold. But for most of us, fixing the system feels big and out of reach. We imagine the wizard...

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Biohacking Business Performance. Why Butter is Better, and Why Leaders Should Listen.

Biohacking is rocking the ether these days. And per my personal hero, Dave Asprey (of Bulletproof coffee fame… or infamy), biohacking is “[the use of] science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life… The art and science of becoming superhuman.” In other words, it’s about making tweaks to body and mind that allow us to perform at our peak. But this piece is about business results. So why are we talking biology and butter? (and yes — I do drink my coffee with butter every morning. And it’s freaking delicious!) Because biohackers...

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Opportunity Cost. Is It What’s Crushing Our Potential?

As a person who took “Econ for Psych Majors” in college (with all due respect to my econ-minded psych-majoring compatriots), even I can say the concept of “opportunity cost” was intuitive to me from the get go. As an example, my husband and I are going to see Seinfeld live in NYC tonight, in honor of our anniversary. And let me tell you – there are some explicit costs associated with this event – from tickets to transport to babysitting oh my. Could I give you a precise and measurable number? I could. But I’m not that kinda gal....

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