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HR. Still Fighting For a Seat? Might Be Time to Find a New Table.

A few weeks ago, a Head of Leadership Development in a client company posed this question to me in preparing to bring some Activation programs in-house. “Some of our business leaders are chomping at the bit for this program, and others are really resisting it. How do I move the leaders in the second category along – build enthusiasm for the program?” I told her I had some data and collateral these leaders might find informative and compelling… but that my recommendation was frankly to leave them alone. In my experience, too many of us living in the realm of #employeeengagement, #employeeexperience,...

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The Four Critical Words in Experience Crafting: Look Down. Not Up.

Employee Experience. How’s yours these days? I don’t mean your company’s. I mean YOURS. I effectively asked this question in a survey I launched a few days ago. It’s still open, btw. So please don’t be shy in adding your thoughts to the growing pile of gold. More specifically, I asked people to tell me: (1) what are the primary drivers of YOUR employee experience, (2) what is the biggest mistake companies are making in this area, and (3) what’s the one change you wish you could see implemented tomorrow? While I don’t claim statistical validity in my sampling, the results, anecdotally, have...

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Why Change Should Always Start At the Top…Except For When It Shouldn’t

Change is the new (though not really that new) constant, so they say. It’s one of the core pillars of innovation, agile development, and all the buzzy things. To remain relevant and competitive, organizations must keep strong the muscles of change capability. The management and implementation of change initiatives have been studied for years by experts, and generally, the wisdom presumes that to be successful, change must begin at the top. The famous model developed by John Kotter, for example, offers as Step One: Create a Sense of Urgency. This presumes, in my interpretation, that the urgency for change is...

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Beyond #MeToo. The REAL Call to Action From the Red Carpet

#MeToo and its inciting, insidious revelations are out of the box. Way out. And now, the Hollywood-born movement has fired up a national (global?) demand for equality, civility, humanity, and basic [bleeping] respect for all people at work and beyond. But while the movement’s momentum was sparked initially by an explicit cry of ‘enough is enough,’ its continued presence in our cultural dialog has begun to spark a softer, subtler, but no-less-intentional or important conversation we all need to be having. Anyone who tuned into the 2018 Academy Awards was likely bracing for a Red Carpet aesthetic dominated by...

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The ONE Question to Ask in 2018

We’re almost at the finish line. 2018 is well within sight. How are you feeling? Full disclosure: I’m a little tired. A little road-weary; spent. I’m also a believer that sometimes we hear just the right words at just the right time. Recently I was listening to the pilot episode of Tim Ferriss’s new podcast, Tribe of Mentors. In telling the show’s origin story, he said he simply asked himself this question: What would this look like if it were easy? And the answer – building a tribe of mentors – just came to him. OMG. As a working mom, entrepreneur, and...

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