Activation = a team operating in its zone of genius, firing on all cylinders, delivering its best results every day. And this Activation Workshop provides leader participants with the knowledge, tools,and practice you’ll need in order to get your teams Activated.

When teams are truly activated, they are equipped and empowered to express ideas, pose important questions, and get real work done – because the noise, the impediments, the [BLEEP] gets removed. Activated teams engage in real talk about what’s helping and what’s hindering their work.

Everyone wants to be contributing. Activation is what makes it happen.

Who is this workshop designed for?

This workshop is ideal for groups of 8 – 20 leaders of teams within a single organization; Leaders who…

  • Have aspirations of delivering big results
  • Believe their teams are capable of doing more
  • Truly want to empower and equip their teams…but just aren’t sure where to begin

What will this workshop deliver?

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  1. Understanding: Of activation – what it is, why it matters now, and how it can serve both enterprise and employees
  2. Process: the simple (not easy!) steps of getting to Destination Activation
  3. Toolkit: a roadmap to guide them through Activation, ensuring learning translates to post-workshop action
  4. Practice: role playing, scenario planning and more in the room will equip participants to lead the way with their teams

What makes this workshop unique?

The “secret sauce” of this workshop is in the approach. We intentionally do not call this a training, because it isn’t. It’s an interactive, practical workshop that leverages education and insight, but also participant engagement and discussion and peer-to-peer learning.

Coming out of this workshop, participants have not only new insights, skills, and tools – but also a peer network of other leaders with whom to bounce ideas, share best practices, and generally leverage in thinking through prospective #microchanges they might consider implementing.

Learning happens in the room… and then well beyond!

What are the logistics of the workshop?

Pending the needs of your organization, this workshop can be tailored to be delivered in-person, virtually, and in half or full-day formats.

Wondering if it’s right for your organization? Fill out our form below for more info. No strings – we promise!

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