How we make it happen

Unlike traditional consulting engagements, our Activation Program can be run soup-to-nuts in 4 – 6 weeks. Here’s how it works:

Step One: We work with you to understand your vision of Activation. What would your team look like if it were firing on all cylinders? Would you see greater efficiency, independence, innovation, speed of decision-making? We’ll help you crystalize and articulate a vision that will resonate with your team.

Step Two: We’ll solicit ideas from your team around what they believe will drive Activation. Because the expertise you need here comes not from the Harvard Business Review, but within your own organization. What will truly enhance your team’s performance will be the implementation of that very team’s ideas. They may be bashful or uncertain – but we’ll be sure to get them talking.

Step Three: We’ll share emerging themes and recommendations with you, helping you assess where your team has the most interest and energy, and where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Step Four: We’ll support the build of an action plan. We’ll start small – with microchanges that will move the needle on Activation. We’ll help you to identify what you’ll test, who will be accountable, and how you’ll assess its impact.

At the conclusion of this program, your team will be newly engaged, you’ll have a process by which new ideas may be submitted and considered, you’ll have forums and feedback loops in place, and most importantly you’ll have a team contributing much more fully, which in turn will serve your customers and your bottom line.

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