Simply put, it’s the state in which everyone is doing what they do best.

It’s when members of a team are equipped, enabled and empowered to deliver results; to actually do what they do best. Unlike engagement – which measures sentiment and intent – Activation measures the degree to which goal attainment is, well, attainable.

Our work with Activation creates the conditions in which each member of a team is contributing fully to meaningful results because the obstacles (or noise) has been stripped out, and all members are free to bring ideas, questions, and efforts to the table. (Grab our brochure right here!)


Activation matters now more than ever, because…

  • Teams in all industries simply need to be delivering more with less – so everyone must be able to contribute fully
  • Speed and innovation are at the heart of success in today’s digital and customer-savvy world. ALL ideas must make their way to the table
  • Employee engagement is low. Real low. And the number one attribute people are seeking in a new job? The ability to do the work they were hired to do.

So in summary, companies need results, they need ideas, and they need talent. And talent wants to deliver ideas and results. Both enterprise and employee are seeking the same – they’re seeking Activation. So… how to make it happen?



It’s simple, really. Not easy. But simple. If you’re a leader, you’d just…

  1. Imagine: What would an activated team look like? Would they be more efficient? More independent? Make faster decisions? Deliver more ideas? Define your vision of activation. And encourage them to focus on the Microchange (the tiniest increments of change that will deliver impact while minimizing risk and disruption).
  2. Ask: Bring your team together and [gasp] ask them what holds them back from operating in this imagined state of activation? (Here you’ll need to channel their SuperCandor to really get them talking).
  3. Assess: Which of their ideas resonate most? Which can you implement quickly and simply? Which have the most energy? Which has the potential to resolve the most persnickety pain points for them?
  4. Test and learn: Create a simple plan for implementing a few ideas. Know who is accountable, what success will look like, and how you’ll extract lessons learned.
  5. Repeat: There is no end – only a return to the beginning. This is leadership.


We’ve got options…

Activation Program

This is our version of consulting. But not the icky kind. Through our Activation Program, we come in and run these steps for and with you. We help you craft your vision, we engage your team, solicit their ideas, and help you prioritize and action plan. White glove, full service. Mic drop. Learn more here.

Activation Workshop

Not a white-glove kind of shop? Looking for your own leaders to make activation happen? No sweat. We offer half and full-day Activation workshops in which a team of 6 – 12 of your own leaders can come together, learn the what, why and how of Activation, and make it happen for their teams. This approach equips leaders while building a community of Activation Activists! Learn more here.

Activation Talk / Panel Discussion

Interested in bringing an Activation mindset to to your next event or offsite? The key concepts of Activation – the what, why, how and whom – can be tailored to a 60 – 120 minute talk or speech. Get more information here.

Our FREE Leader Activation Toolkit

You’re feeling confident, you’re ready to go. You just want a roadmap. We’ve got that! Get our free Leader Activation Toolkit right here. We wish you the best, and please let us know how it goes! We love hearing your success stories and your questions.