As leaders, our most critical accountability is to deliver results on behalf of our teams. And yet Рaccording to research by both Gallup (SOAW 2017)  and CNN (August 2017), more than half of us are extremely unhappy at work, and/or actively seeking new jobs. And when is the last time you saw a group of unhappy people deliver outstanding results?

Even more astonishing, the number 1 attribute people are seeking in their jobs… is neither more compensation nor free food… it’s the ability to do what they do best!

Your teams want to do great work – but often they’re inhibited by invisible forces in how we work. In our Activate the Pillars of Thriving Teams workshop, we’ll teach, inspire, and empower the understanding and embodiment the five key pillars of thriving teams – moving you quickly to delivering results that drive growth and delight your customers.

Key Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of the five key pillars of thriving teams – what defines each, and why each drives results
  • A set of guiding questions to establish a clear picture of the current state (i.e. how we’re doing today relative to the ideal state)
  • A set of tools for defining and implementing the “microchanges” that will cumulatively deliver real impact

Session Details

This workshop is designed to be delivered live in either a half or full-day, interactive format.

The ideal set of participants is either (a) a group of leaders seeking to work collaboratively with peers to develop skills and practice using simple tools, or (b) an intact team (a leader and his/her direct reports) seeking to define their own plan for microchange.

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