Get this Gist: So Gallup tells us that only 33% of US employees are inspired by and/or engaged in their work.  Go ahead – do the math.  It’s not pretty for employers. But according to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the key is helping employees find their flow state.   It’s the place where we feel we perform our best.  The shorthand is this:  Find the spot where challenge meets skill, and you’ll have time flying for your team — just make sure they don’t forget to go home!


Now Run With It:  So how to put this into use?  Have a think about the folks on your team.  Everyone has different skills and interests.  If Harry loves writing and Sally loves client engagement, evaluate the initiatives on their plates, and be sure you have each doing some of what they love… but with a challenge built in.  If Harry has been writing internal docs, can he take a stab at an outbound communication?  An all-employee memo?  How might you leverage a strong suit but add a twist?

Have an idea but want to talk it through?  Shoot me an email – happy to brainstorm!